Nano-Silver + Silk Protein Face & Body Bar Soap


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  1. PROEXIST’s Face & Body Bar Soap is scientifically developed for all skin types and completes your skin care regimen. Origkinating from Nano-Silver, Silk Protein and essential oils, PROEXIST® Face & Body Soap combines the finest ingredients with modern Nano-technology to perfect this powerful yet gentle cleanser. It reaches deep into your pores to clean, working where its antimicrobial nano-silver can eliminate bacteria without depleting your skin’s natural moisture balance, yet leaving your skin feeling fresh, smooth and exceptionally clean.


  • Removes dirt and makeup
  • Eliminates bacteria and fungi
  • Fights Acne at the root of the problem
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Helps speed the skin renewal process
  • Contains antioxidant properties
  • Lightens sun damaged spots
  • Provides natural UV protection


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